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Detroit at Nashville (2/28/09)

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

The Red Wings were on the road tonight for a game against the Nashville Predators. Conklin was the starting goalie for the Wings and Pekka Rinne was in net for the Predators. Detroit was playing for the second night in a row after beating Los Angeles at Joe Louis Arena on Friday night.

The teams seemed pretty even to start the game. Nashville was pressuring a little harder than the Wings were but not by much. The Predators had the puck in Detroit’s end and they were moving it very well. It came back to Weber near the blue line. He one-timed it and Koistinen redirected it in front of the net. Conklin didn’t have much of a chance. That gave the Predators the early lead.

Just a few seconds after the first goal it started to look like the wheels might be coming for the Wings in this game. The Predators got the puck to the front of the net. Legwand was there jamming away at it while Brad Stuart just stood there. I think Stuart was trying to pin the puck against Conklin’s pads. It didn’t work. Legwand pushed it past Conklin and the Wings were down by two.

A few minutes later the troubles continued. Brad Stuart had the puck behind the Red Wings net and lost it to Ward. He tried to pass it to the front of the net. The puck hit Conklin in the back of the head and dropped down behind him. He tried to kick it away as it fell to the ice but it trickled into the corner of the net for the Predators third unanswered goal in less than ten minutes. Obviously, when something like that happens you know it’s not going to be your night.

Only a few seconds later Pihlstrom was sprung on a breakaway. Conklin stopped his shot but the puck dropped down to the ice in front of him. Pihlstrom took another whack at it and pushed it by Conklin. Four nothing Predators.

That was it for Conklin. He gave up four goals on nine shots in ten minutes. He obviously looked really shaky but the defense didn’t help him much. He wasn’t the only one playing poorly. Osgood was called in to try to get things under control.

Within the first few seconds of Osgood coming in the Predators proved that it wasn’t all Conklin’s fault. Meech and Lilja ran into each other next to the Red Wings net and neither one could get control of the puck. One of the Predators took it away and a few passes later Arnott buried it in the net. That made it five nothing Nashville.

The Red Wings just couldn’t seem to get control of the puck. They kept giving it away and letting Nashville drive their end. The Predators were beating the Wings to every loose puck. They were faster and had a ton more jump in their game. They were obviously encouraged by the early success and just continued taking it to the Wings once they smelled blood.

The Red Wings managed to go the final five minutes of the period without giving up a goal. They reached the end of the first period down five to nothing. It would have been interesting to hear the conversation in the dressing room after that period. It’s probably the worst period I’ve seen them play all year. Nashville outshot Detroit 14 to 11, out chanced them 9 to 5, and they had 8 takeaways to Detroit’s 1. Very uncharacteristic of the Wings.

In the second period Lilja took Weber hard into the boards and then pulled him down backwards by the face. Weber got up swinging and started fighting with Lilja. Weber clearly won the fight. Lilja never threw a punch. Weber pretty much wailed on him. Lilja got an extra penalty for holding so the Predators went on the power play.

During the Predators power play they were buzzing around the Red Wings net. Sullivan took the puck to the net and Osgood stopped his shot. The rebound came back out to him as he went past the net. He swatted the rebound out of mid-air back to Arnott in front of the net. Arnott put it by Osgood to make it six to nothing.

That was the end of the damage in the second period. By that point Detroit was outshooting the Predators 25 to 20. The problem was Nashville had 14 takeaways and Detroit had 2. Nashville had also blocked 11 of Detroit’s shots.

In the third period the Predators scored their seventh unanswered goal. Weber released a slap shot from the near the blue line. Arnott was near the front of net providing some distraction but he didn’t touch the puck. The shot beat Osgood on his glove side.

A few minutes later Arnott got his third goal of the game making it eight to nothing Predators. Who really cares how the goal was scored?

The game ended (finally) with a final score of eight to nothing. I can’t remember the last time I saw the Red Wings play so badly. I can’t imagine what the reason could be for the sudden poor play. Playing the night before can’t have had THAT much of an impact. Some of it was just bad luck but they never really seemed to care very much. I wonder if maybe this was a psychological defeat. They just weren’t into it. Let’s put this one behind us and move on.

This 0-8 loss brings us to:
90 points

Los Angeles at Detroit (2/27/09)

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Tonight the Red Wings had a home game against the Los Angeles Kings. Hossa was out for this one because of the hit to the head that he took in the San Jose game. They initially said that he had a stiff neck so hopefully it won’t last long. This is Osgood’s first game back after his 10 day game break. He says the extra practice and time off did him good and he’s ready to go. Rookie Jon Quick was the goalie for the Kings. This was also Kirk Maltby’s 1000th game in the NHL. Mike Babcock put him in the starting lineup in a nice move to honor his accomplishment.

The Red Wings started this game with a lot of jump. They had a bunch of shots and some great scoring chances. At the other end when the Kings put some pressure on early Osgood got into a bit of trouble. He was out of the net with a Kings player in his way at one point but no damage was done.

The first period ended with no scoring. It was pretty even in shots on goal and scoring chances. The Red Wings had more giveaways and more blocked shots than the Kings. Other than that there wasn’t any notable advantage to either side in the stats.

In the second period Detroit broke the deadlock. Leino had the puck in behind the Kings’ net. He brought it out front for a wrap around try. He shot and Quick blocked it. The rebound came out to the side and Meech pounced on it and scored.

Early in the third period Detroit dumped the puck in and Quick came out to play it around the net to Quincey. He changed his mind at the last second and just sort of left it there. Filppula took it and fed it to the front of the net for Kopecky who tapped it past Quick for the goal.

Then a few minutes later the Kings went on the power play. Osgood made several good saves in a row but the Wings were never able to clear. Frolov kept whacking at it and wouldn’t let up. Eventually, he was able to get it by Osgood to end the shutout.

The Kings tried hard to tie the game but Detroit denied them. Osgood looked good in this game. The only goal that was scored was tough to really blame on him. As a team the Wings played well tonight. They had a lapse at the end of the first period but came back and played well after that. Hopefully, they can keep it rolling as they play again tomorrow night in Nashville.

This 1-2 win brings us to:
90 points

San Jose at Detroit (2/25/09)

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Tonight the Sharks came to town to play the Red Wings. Nabokov was the goalie for the Sharks and Conklin was in for the Wings. This was the Wings first game against the Sharks since the return of our old nemesis Claude Lemieux.

The bad blood started early in this one when Cleary hit Thronton from behind and he went heavily into the boards. That started a scrum and it wouldn’t be the last. From that point on, they all wanted a piece of Cleary. In his defense Thornton did turn his back to the hit at the last minute. There’s no way Cleary could have pulled up in time.

A few minutes later Detroit went on the power play. Hossa got the puck near the boards, went to the net and shot. Nabokov got some of it but not enough to stop it from getting through. That gave Detroit the early lead.

Later in the first period Detroit’s fourth line scored a great goal. The puck hit Draper in front of the net and bounced up. Leino swatted it out mid-air into the net.

A few seconds it looked like San Jose had scored but after a long review they overturned the call. The referee called it a goal from right behind the net. It wasn’t definitive but the replay looked like it probably didn’t go in. Surprisingly, they reversed the call even though the replay wasn’t very clear.

Early in the second period Zetterberg scored on a shorthanded breakaway. He pulled up just before he got to the net and did a 360 to lose his defender. Then he beat Nabokov with a quick shot. Before the breakaway it looked like the puck hit the netting which should have resulted in a whistle but it wasn’t caught. Ironically, the Sharks scored a goal against the Red Wings last season when the same thing happened. As Ken Daniels pointed out, that’s justice albeit a year later.

A few minutes after that San Jose scored a power play goal. It was a shot that came from near the blue line but Conklin was screened and never had a good look at the puck. That made it three to one.

Hossa left the game in the second period after a hard hit to the head. It wasn’t intentional. He fell awkwardly from one hit into another; it was just bad luck. He left the ice and went straight to the dressing room.

In the third period they were 4 on 4 because of offsetting unsportsmanlike calls. Then Datsyuk drew a penalty on Dan Boyle. He hit him with his butt and Boyle got frustrated. He came back at Datsyuk and slashed his stuck breaking it in half. That earned him two minutes and made it 4 on 3 for about a minute.

On the power play Zetterberg got the puck behind the net. He snuck it in the back door and made it four to one.

That was it for this game and what a game it was. Both teams played with playoff level intensity. There were lots of hits and great action. It was a little bit chippy; both teams played with an attitude. Conklin made a lot of great saves. The only downside was the injury to Hossa. Hopefully, that won’t turn out to be anything serious.

This 1-4 win brings us to:
88 points

Detroit at Minnesota (2/21/09)

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Detroit was on the road tonight in Minnesota to face the Wild. Backstrom was the goalie for Minnesota and Jimmy Howard was in for the Wings. Howard was backed up by Conklin as Osgood continued his coach-mandated 10 days of practice.

Minnesota got off to a good start when they scored a goal early in the first period. The puck was behind the net. It came to Nolan near the face-off dot. Nolan shot quickly. It looked like Howard was pretty well set. He was square to the shooter, maybe a little deep. He got a piece of the puck but didn’t stop it. It looked like he had a little bit of nerves early on which is understandable.

Just a few minutes later the Wild were on the power play. Howard made a great save but the puck ended up with Nolan behind the net. He brought it out front, stick-handled around Howard and put it into the net for the Wild’s second unanswered goal. To make matters worse there was a delayed penalty so after the goal the Wild went right back on the power play. Luckily the Wings were able to kill off that penalty.

Early in the second period Detroit got on the scoreboard. Leino brought the puck into the zone on the rush. He took a shot that Backstrom stopped and the rebound came out to the slot. Kopecky pounced on it and popped it in through traffic. That made it two to one Wild.

Nearing the end of the second period Nolan cleared the puck off boards to Bouchard springing him on a breakaway. He beat Rafalski to the puck and went in one on one against Howard. He backhanded one high on the stick side that beat Howard for the Wild’s third goal of the night. The Wings were down by two goals again.

A few minutes later the Wings went on the power play and then Hudler was called for holding the stick so it was 4 on 4. The puck came into the Red Wings end. Koivu took it away from Datsyuk of all people and quickly passed it to Skoula in the circle. He one-timed it and beat Howard on the stick side. That put the Wild up four to one with a minute left in the second period.

Towards the end of the third period Rafalski ripped a shot from the blue line. There was traffic in front of the net and Backstrom didn’t get a good look at it. That gave Detroit their second goal. They were down by two with five minutes to go.

With about a minute and a half left Detroit pulled their goalie. They pressured hard for a goal but the Wild were too tenacious. With 1.8 seconds left Veileux scored the empty net goal for the some icing on the Wild’s cake.

The Red Wings were just plain out-played in this game. You could make a case that it’s because they had just played the night before but I think the Wild just have their number. The Wild played so well defensively. They were on every loose puck and they were on the Wings whenever they had the puck. All night long it seemed like the Wild had two extra guys out there. They were just everywhere. Even if the Wings were at their best I think it would have been tough with the Wild playing like that.

I don’t think you can put this one on Howard. A few of the goals probably should have been stopped but the Wings were out-shot and out-chanced in the first period. They did come back in the stats by the end but the slow start was too much to overcome. Their passing wasn’t crisp either. The puck was bouncing all over the place. Again I’m not so sure that this was Detroit playing badly; the Wild were just always in their face.

This 2-5 loss brings us to:
86 points

Anaheim at Detroit (2/20/09)

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Tonight’s game was at home against the Anaheim Ducks. Giguere was the goalie for the Ducks and Conklin was in net for Detroit. Babcock had called up Jimmy Howard and given Osgood the next 10 days off. Babcock wants Osgood to get his game back in shape. Howard was the backup goaltender tonight and he’ll get the start tomorrow night.

In the opening seconds of the first period Detroit took the first penalty. Lidstrom accidentally got his stick up high on Perry. Anaheim went to work on the power play. Draper ended up without a stick and the puck came to Getzlaf. He took advantage of the stickless Draper shooting the puck past him and Conklin to give the Ducks the early lead. The Red Wings were down one to nothing less than a minute into the game.

Later in the first period Zetterberg had the puck in deep in the Anaheim zone. He sent it towards the net where Cleary had set up shop against Pronger. Cleary redirected the puck and scored to even it up at one apiece.

The Red Wings got a power play goal late in the first period. Lidstrom passed it to Zetterberg behind the net. He sat back there and waited for something to develop. Datsyuk broke away from his defender and went to the net. Zetterberg hit him with a perfectly timed pass that he slammed into the back of the net. That gave the Wings the lead at the end of the period.

In the second period Detroit scored another power play goal with only one second left on the penalty. Datsyuk made a perfect pass to Zetterberg in the circle. He went down to one knee and ripped one. Giguere got a piece of it but it got through him and into the net. Before the penalty had expired Pronger was called for high sticking so the Wings stayed on the power play after the goal. The Ducks were able to kill off the second penalty.

Early in the third period the Ducks were moving the puck out of their own zone. They tried to make a short pass but Franzen came out of nowhere. He intercepted the pass in the slot area, turned around quickly and shot it. Giguere never knew what hit him. He wasn’t expecting the shot at all so he wasn’t set. It was an amazing job by Franzen; the whole play took about one second. That goal made it four to one Red Wings.

Later in the third period the Ducks dumped the puck in and Conklin came out of the net to play it. The puck was spinning and took a strange bounce when it the ice. It bounced away from Conklin’s stick as he attempted to clear it. Conklin couldn’t get the puck back under control. Ryan came in and poked the puck away from Conklin and into the net. That brought the Ducks back to within two.

That looked like it would be it for this game, but Draper wasn’t done yet. With about 10 seconds left Giguere was trying to come out of the net for an extra skater but Draper stole the puck at center ice. Giguere got back to the net and Draper came in all alone. He ripped one that beat Giguere for a bonus goal.

That was all she wrote for the Ducks. This was another great game for the Wings. Conklin had lots of brilliant saves. The Red Wings dominated at both ends. Let’s hope they keep this roll going tomorrow night in Minnesota.

This 2-5 win brings us to:
86 points

Red Wings To Play In Sweden

Friday, February 20th, 2009

The NHL has announced that the Red Wings will start next season with two games in Sweden. Their opponent will be the St. Louis Blues. The Wings will technically be the home team in only one of the two games, but with all the Swedes on the team it will probably feel like they’re both home games.

It’ll be great to see how the fans in Sweden welcome the Wings. It should be an exciting way to start the season.

Nashville at Detroit (2/18/09)

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Tonight the Red Wings were at home to face the Nashville Predators. Before the game there was a ceremony to honor Kris Draper for passing the 1000th game milestone. His family was with him at center ice. They showed highlights from his career on the scoreboard and presented him with an award.

Dan Ellis was the net minder for the Predators and Conklin was in net for the Wings. Franzen returned from injury in this game; it’s great to see him get back in the action.

Pretty quickly in the first period Detroit went on the power play. Kronwall released a shot from the point that hit Franzen in front of the net. The puck dropped to the ice and Hudler picked it up and put it in the top corner of the net. That was Hudler’s 20th goal of the season. Hossa picked up the puck so that Hudler could save it. 

A few minutes later Detroit got another power play and scored within the first few seconds. Nashville won the face-off but Datsyuk ended up with the puck along the boards. He passed it to the front of the net and Zetterberg tipped it in.

With only 6.2 seconds left in the first period Nashville scored a power play goal. Sullivan shot the puck from the point. It was actually intended to be a pass but it hit Datsyuk’s stick and deflected into the net. There was nothing Conklin could have done about it.  Thanks to that late goal Nashville was only down by one goal even though Detroit pretty well dominated the first period.

Halfway through the second period Lidstrom scored with a heavy one-timer from the point. Kronwall had the puck and tried to send it through the middle. It went off a Nashville player right to Lidstrom. His goal made it three to one Wings.

A few minutes later Sullivan scored again for Nashville. Detroit got caught in a line change. Nashville turned the puck up ice. Conklin stopped the initial shot but the rebound came to Sullivan. That brought his team back to within one goal.

A few minutes after that Detroit scored another power play goal to make it four to two. Franzen was working the middle. Zetterberg got the puck to him and he used his great hands to finesse the puck in traffic and put it in the net.

At the end of the second period Detroit got another power play. They didn’t score before the period ended so they started the third with the man advantage. Datsyuk got the puck across to Lidstrom at the face-off dot and he one-timed it into the net. It was their fourth power play goal of the game which is a season high. That made it five to two Wings.

Later in the third period Hamhuis hit Hudler from behind when he was on his knees and drove his head into the boards. At the next whistle there was a bit of a scuffle. Hossa ended up in a fight with Suter. During the fight Suter pulled Hossa’s jersey off. He probably figured it wouldn’t be tied down since Hossa very rarely fights and he was right. That was an automatic misconduct and the end of the game for Hossa. Not that it mattered much with 10 minutes to go and a three goal lead. Nashville ended up with a power play out of the deal. Draper was then called for boarding so the Predators had a 5 on 3 for 1:37. The Wings were able to kill off the penalty time without much trouble.

As the game was winding down Tootoo took a stupid penalty. On the power play Hudler got the puck to Franzen in front of the net. He scored his second goal of the night and the Red Wings fifth power play goal.

That was it for this game. The Red Wings dominated the Predators completely. It was a text book win. Lots of Wings had multiple points. Hopefully, they can keep this roll going against the tougher teams in the league.

This 2-6 win brings us to:
84 points

Colorado at Detroit (2/15/09)

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

For this afternoon’s game The Avalanche came to Detroit to face the Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena. The Avs were the worst team in the West and Detroit was coming off a loss to Columbus. Raycroft was the goalie for Colorado and Osgood was in for the Wings for the third straight game.

It only took 16 seconds for Colorado to score. Osgood made an initial save and tried to shove it to Rafalski. He wasn’t able to handle the puck because he was moving too quickly and went right by it. McCormick took the puck and passed it to Laperriere in front of the net. He wasted no time shooting it in.

Colorado started the second period like they started the first. The only difference was that it took them 23 seconds to score in the second instead of 16. McCormick pinched on Samuelsson and the puck went to Salei. He ripped one with Laperriere screening in front. Osgood couldn’t see it very well and it found the back of the net.

Colorado knocked the net off on purpose and were called for delay of game. Then they hooked Datsyuk so there was a delayed call coming. Lidstrom ripped it from the point and Cleary tipped it in just below the crossbar height. That negated the first penalty but not the delayed one. Colorado argued the call a little too vehemently and were called for unsportsmanlike conduct. That gave Detroit a 5 on 3 for a full two minutes.

Just a few seconds into the 5 on 3 Lidstrom passed to Datsyuk and then got it back from him. He one-timed it and Cleary once again tipped it into the net to tie it up. Before the second penalty was up Colorado took another one so again the Wings had a 5 on 3. Colorado was able to kill off the rest of the penalty time.

A few minutes after the penalties expired Hossa released a bomb from the top of the circle that beat Raycroft over the glove to take the lead for the Wings. That was the third goal for the Wings in 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

In the third period Colorado scored in a minute and one second. Smyth made the play from behind the net to Hejduk. He passed it to Wolski at the point. Wolski ripped the shot and Svatos redirected it into the net to tie the game at three.

A few minutes later Detroit scored the go ahead goal. Rafalski shot/passed the puck from the point to Hossa near the net. Hossa redirected it off the shaft of his stick into the net.

A few minutes later Colorado scored a sloppy goal. They shot the puck and it looked like Osgood had it but it went off his glove and dropped in behind him. He lost track of where it was and Guite knocked it into the net. That tied the score at four each.

Nearing the halfway point of the period Kronwall had the puck at Colorado’s blue line. He created some space for himself and shot the puck. Raycroft made the save but the rebound came to Hudler. He one-timed a wrister into the net to retake the lead for the Wings.

A few minutes later Detroit gave up the fifth goal to Colorado. Osgood directed a rebound to the face-off circle but Smyth was there and took the puck. He passed it to Hejduk in the middle who redirected it towards the net. By that time Osgood was out of position to stop it and it trickled over the line.

As time wound down in the third period neither team was able to break the tie so the game headed to overtime. Likewise there were no goals in the overtime and the game went to a shootout.

Datsyuk was the first shooter. He went backhand to forehand and took the shot. Raycroft stopped it. Wolski went first for the Avs. He went forehand to back hand and scored on Osgood. Zetterberg came up next, delayed a bit with the shot and backhanded it into the net. Next was Svatos. He tried a wrister and Osgood stopped him. Hudler came up for the Wings. He made a great move but Raycroft still stopped him. Hejduk went next for the win but Osgood stopped him with the left pad. Then it was Hossa for the Wings and he sent it wide. It was then Smyth’s turn to try for the win. He missed high over the net.  Cleary was up next with is first shootout attempt. He tried the five hole but Raycroft shut it down. Leopold went next for the Avs. It was also his first shootout attempt. He shot a wrister that beat Osgood for the win.

The Red Wings looked pretty sloppy defensively in this game. Most of the time they played well but they just had too many breakdowns. Every time they got a break, they gave one back to Colorado. This game should have been no contest but the Avs played their best and as good as Detroit looked at times, it wasn’t their best.

This 6-5 overtime loss brings us to:
82 points

Detroit at Columbus (2/13/09)

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Detroit went to Columbus tonight for the second half of back to back games. Osgood started again for the Wings and Mason started for the Blue Jackets. Osgood was coming off a solid performance the previous night against the Wild.

Early in the first period Chelios turned the puck over to Peca. Peca passed to Torres who snapped a nice shot by Osgood’s glove hand into the top corner. That gave the Blue Jackets the early lead one to nothing.

In the second period Lidstrom was called for hooking. At the end of the power play Zetterberg was trying to clear but it went to Russell instead. He tried to dump it back deep but instead it went to Datsyuk who was quickly moving toward center ice. At the same time Lidstrom came charging out of the penalty box. Datsyuk hit him with a perfect feed and Lidstrom ended up all alone against Mason. Lidstrom took the shot and beat him high on the glove side to tie the game at one. It was a sweet play and a very demoralizing way for the Blue Jackets to end their power play.

Later in the second period Columbus was really pressuring hard. Osgood was making save after save and the Wings just couldn’t seem to clear. It got dicey in front and Osgood was down on the ice. It looked like he had the puck under his arm but somehow it came out and Chimera popped it home. That put the Blue Jackets back up by one.

In the third period the Blue Jackets turned the puck over to Hudler at their own blue line. Hudler quickly passed it to Samuelsson in the slot area. He ripped a shot past Mason to tie the game at two.

With about seven minutes left in the third the tie was broken by the Blue Jackets. Helm was checked off the puck and it was taken by Columbus. They passed to ex-Red Wing Jason Williams at the blue line. He walked in on the net two on one against Rafalski. Samuelsson came back but not in time to help. Rafalski took the pass away so Williams shot and scored.

In the final minute Osgood went to the bench for the extra skater. The Wings had one great chance at a goal but Mason made an awesome save. Detroit took their timeout to regroup and try again. The Wings weren’t able to get the goal so the Jackets won three to two.

I thought the Wings were somewhat sloppy defensively in this one at times. There were way too many times when Osgood had to make brilliant saves. The Red Wings still out shot the Blue Jackets but they had too many quality chances. The Blue Jackets played with a lot of energy. Considering they had just played the previous night the Wings didn’t look bad. They seemed to have their legs and got better as the game progressed but the Blue Jackets were really good at forcing mistakes and then capitalizing on them.

This 2-3 loss brings us to:
81 points

Detroit at Minnesota (2/12/09)

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Tonight Minnesota was in town to face the Wings. Osgood was in net for us and Harding was the starter for them.

In the first period Detroit scored with a nice team effort. Kronwall had the puck at one point and looked off the defender. He passed across to Lebda at the other point. Lebda took the shot. Harding got most of the puck but it trickled through him somehow and dropped in behind him. Samuelsson pounced on it and drove it home to give the Wings the early lead.

Later in the first period Minnesota had a 5 on 3 power play. They managed to score with a great shot by Burns. It was a one timer wrist shot that he launched very quickly; a very tough shot.

In the second period Hudler scored on a great give and go. Lilia passed to Hudler who gave it to Hossa. Hudler got open and took the pass back from Hossa. Hudler took the shot and scored a sweet goal to put the Wings up by two.

Then, just a few seconds later Draper scored another Wings goal. Hossa got in deep and circled around the back of the net. He passed it to Draper in the circle.  Draper ripped it and scored. Three one Wings.

Nearing the end of the second period Leino scored a nice wrap around goal. Detroit was just dominating play at that point. To quote Mickey Redmond, “Minnesota’s playing like they’re killing a penalty with five guys on the ice.” Leino’s goal made it four to one Wings.

In the third period the Wild scored when Koivu made a great play while shorthanded. He entered the zone against Samuelsson and made a nice move to get by him. Then he put the puck way to the right and pulled it back all the way to across the crease to the left side of the net. Osgood couldn’t get back over in time so Koivu scored the shorty.

That was it for the scoring in this one. Detroit held on to win four to two. The Wings mostly dominated the entire game. As Mickey Redmond pointed out, the best line in this game was Hossa, Hudler, and Filppula. As good as Datsyuk and Zetterberg are every night, that line was fantastic . Osgood looked great in this game, too.

This 2-4 win brings us to:
81 points