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Detroit at Boston (11/29/08)

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Tonight Detroit played the second half of a back to back series.  After hosting Columbus last night in Detroit, they faced the Boston Bruins on the road.  Ty Conklin was the starter for Wings and Manny Fernandez for was in for the Bruins.

Detroit had some glorious scoring chances early in the first period but didn’t capitalize.  The Wings also had a power play early on that Boston was able to kill off aided in part by a monster hit by Chara on Datsyuk that laid him out.  

Detroit was dominating the first period up until the eight minute mark.  Boston hadn’t had a single shot on goal at that point.  Kronwall was caught in a two on one with Lilja trying to catch up.  Nobody took away the passing lane and it came to Wheeler who one-timed it for the goal.  You can’t fault Conklin on that one since he has to rely on the defense to stop the pass.

Nearing the end of the first period there was some four-on-four play that looked more like a power play for Boston.  They were cycling the puck, then got it to the point.  They passed it back to Kessel in the middle and he picked the top corner for the Bruins second goal.  That one Conklin probably should have had.  He went for it with his glove and just missed it.

In the second period the trouble continued.  The Bruins forced a turnover by forechecking in the Wings end.  The pass went back to Kobasew in the slot who snapped it passed Conklin.  Three nothing Bruins.  That was the end of Conklin’s night as Ozzy came in to replace him.  Ozzy had just played the night before.

Detroit finally scored with about three minutes left in the second period.  They were on the power play and Zetterberg passed to Hudler down low.  Hudler centered the puck and it went in off the skate of one of the Bruins.

Boston continued to dominate in the third period.  They scored an even strength goal when the puck was passed to Krejci in the slot.  He beat Osgood with the shot through traffic.  It looked like Ozzy had trouble seeing that one around the bodies in front of him.

Detroit was never able to get anything going after that.  They didn’t look like their normal selves.  Who knows the reason.  I could be because of the back to back games, but it could just be that Boston is a really good team and the Wings weren’t ready for them.  During the times when Detroit had possession they couldn’t do much with it because the Bruins were always on them.  They played really well defensively.  When the Wings were able to get some separation and create a scoring chance, Fernandez was there to shut the door.  He was in the zone and made some really great saves.

Well, this is a game I’d like to forget but hopefully the Red Wings figure out what went wrong and learn from it.  This could be a preview of the Stanley Cup Finals so it’s important to figure these guys out.

This 4-1 loss brings us to:
34 points

Columbus at Detroit (11/28/08)

Friday, November 28th, 2008

For tonight’s game the Columbus Blue Jackets faced the Wings in Detroit.  Pascal LeClaire was the starting goalie for the Blue Jackets and Osgood was in for the Wings.  Holmstrom was still out with back problems.  Dan Cleary made his return after being out for several weeks with an eye infection.  It’s nice to have him back; I’m sure that was very frustrating for him to have to sit out when he probably felt fine otherwise.  He will now wear the visor permanently although he did have it on when he scratched his cornea.  Personally, I think it’s a good idea.  I’d like to see them all wear visors.  Nothing sucks worse than losing a critical player at a critical time when a simple visor would have prevented it.  We’ve all seen that happen in recent memory  to the likes Cleary, Draper, and Yzerman.

The Blue Jackets scored first with an opportunistic play.  Osgood made the initial save and the rebound went to the side of the net.  Jakus Voracek happened to be right there and he popped it in.  He was just in the right place at the right time.  There wasn’t much Ozzie could have done about that one.  

Later in the first period there was a big hit on Filppula.  It was a clean hit but Lilja went after Torres anyway.  The linesman grabbed hold of Lilja and nobody had Torres.  It was the worst possible reaction to a fight.  Basically, the linesman said, “I’ll hold hold him down and you wail on him.”  Luckily, Torres recognized the situation immediately and did the honorable thing by backing off.  The crowd let the linesman have it with a shower of boos and I don’t blame them.  Mickey Redmond also had some choice words for the linesman.  When it was all sorted out Detroit had a power play because Torres got an extra two minutes.

On the ensuing power play the Red Wings scored on a great snap shot from Zetterberg with Franzen in the way blocking LeClaire from seeing the puck.

About half way through the second period Franzen had breakaway chance.  He didn’t score because he got tripped up but he did draw the penalty.  On the power play the Wings were able to enjoy some sustained pressure partly because Nash was without a stick.  At least twice the Red Wings kept the puck in the zone because Nash couldn’t clear it with his feet.  They got the puck to the net and LeClaire made a save or two but the puck ended up dropping right near the goal line.  Jiri Hudler was there to push it in for the goal and the lead.

A few minutes later Kronwall made a big hit and the Blue Jackets took exception.  They wanted to go after him but nothing developed.  At the next faceoff though Lilja went with Boll.  The each threw a few punches but nothing serious.  Lilja got the takedown, and that was the end of the fight.  

Close to the end of the second period the Blue Jackets tied it up.  There was a crowd in front of Osgood and Tyutin released a shot from near the blue line.  It may have been tipped in front but it looked like Osgood never had a good read on it, possibly because of the traffic.

With just 25 seconds left in the period Datsyuk fed Hossa as he streaked towards the slot.  Hossa one-timed it into the back of the net to re-take the lead for the Wings.

Early in the second period Tyutin took a shot from center ice.  It hopped and surprised Osgood.  It went over his glove and into the net to tie the game.  You can bet Ozzy wanted a second chance at that one.  It’s just one of those things that happens once in a while.  You just have to forget about it and move on.  They showed a great replay telestrated by Mickey Redmond where it looked like it hit Hossa’s stick at the blue line.  That may be what caused it to hop up on Ozzy.  Still, that was at the blue line so he should have had time to react.  He just wasn’t ready for it.

With two minutes left in the game Datsyuk won a faceoff in the Columbus end and got it to Hossa.  Hossa went skate to stick and released a shot from a not-so-good angle that beat LeClaire.  The puck and the goaltender ended up in the net.  That gave Detroit the lead again late in the game.

With 12 seconds left Detroit took a penalty.  The Blue Jackets pulled the goalie.  Draper won the faceoff and got the puck back.  Since the Wings were shorthanded he was free to fire it at the empty net.  From deep in his own end Draper scored the empty net goal which was his first goal of the season.

The Wings looked pretty dominant in this game.  Osgood made some great saves and that fluky goal from center ice made the score closer than it should have been.  All in all it was a pretty good performance.

This 5-3 win brings us to:
34 points

Montreal at Detroit (11/26/08)

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

The Montreal Canadiens came to Joe Louis Arena to face the Red Wings tonight. Carey Price was in net for the Canadiens and Ty Conklin was the starter for Detroit.  The Red Wings have said that they want to start giving Ozzy more days off.  That’s probably a good thing.  I thought he was looking pretty tired by the end of the previous game.

Both teams started the game like they were shot out of a cannon.  Lots of fast back and forth action.  There weren’t a lot of scoring chances but there was a lot of fast skating and quick steals.

Montreal was playing an 0-5 defence early in the game.  I have to think that’s a mistake because it gives Detroit free reign of the neutral zone.  That makes it really easy for them to bring the puck out of their own end with speed.  It’s entertaining to watch though.  As the Wings tried to gain the offensive zone they hit it with speed and all of the Candiens were there to stop them.  It’s like the unstoppable force against the immovable object.  Pretty fun to watch.

One highlight of the first period was a huge hit that Brad Stuart put on Alex Tanguay.  It was just a monster hit.  It’ll probably be on the highlight reels at the end of the season.  Tanguay finished that shift but did not return to the game after that.

In the second period LaPierre scored for the Canadiens.  He shot the puck from behind the net and it went off Lidstrom’s skate and between the skates of Conklin.  It was a fluky goal and there wasn’t much that could have been done to stop it.

Later the Canadiens scored a power play goal.  Things were getting scrambly in front of the net.  The Wings turned the puck over, the Canadiens made a few quick passes and Plekanic took the shot.  Conklin got a piece of it but it went off his glove and in.

Just 80 seconds later it happened again.  This time it was five on five.  Again things were breaking down in Detroit’s end.  They couldn’t clear the puck and the Canadiens got it and threw it towards the net.  It deflected in off Brad Stuart’s skate.

In the third period Detroit finally scored a goal.  Franzen made two amazing moves stick handling around defenders and shot the puck past Price.  It was a beautiful goal.  I sat there with my mouth open for a few seconds because it was just incredible.  Franzen showed awesome determination and grace on that goal.  Unfortunately, that left Detroit still down by two goals with time running out.

With about two minutes left in the game the Canadiens took about five shots in one sequence as Conklin made save after save.  They finally called it a goal but it was overturned because the puck never crossed the line.  That was a highlight reel series of saves for Conklin.  Too bad the ref is pointing in the net at the end because the highlight will look like it was a goal when it really wasn’t.

After that Detroit pulled Conklin for the extra skater, they weren’t able score again.  I thought the Wings played pretty well, but the Candiens just out-worked them.  They were faster to the loose pucks and they just seemed to have more jump.  However, I thought Helm had a strong game for the Wings.  It seemed whenever I noticed somebody making a good play it turned out to be him.  I think he’ll be earning regular spot on the roster this year.

This 3-1 loss brings us to:
32 points

Detroit at Vancouver (11/24/08)

Monday, November 24th, 2008

The Red Wings were in Vancouver tonight to play the Canucks.  Osgood was our goalie and for the Canucks it was Curtis Sanford.  He was filling in for the injured Roberto Luongo.  Strangely, they’ve announced that Luongo is “week to week”.  That’s one you don’t hear very often.  He has a strained groin but it is not torn so he shouldn’t be out for too long.  That’s the sort of injury that can nag a goalie for the entire season though if he doesn’t let it heal completely so I’m sure they’re being very careful.

Detroit scored first with a goal near the midpoint of the first period.  It was a breakaway where Samuelsson got the puck while flying towards the net all alone against the goalie.  He released a hard backhand that beat Sanford for the goal.

After the next faceoff McCarty had a fight with Hordichuk.  It was a pretty spirited fight.  They both landed several blows and there was no dancing around before hand.  They just went at it.  I’m not sure how you score these things, but it seemed pretty even.  McCarty had trouble early on but he had a strong finish.

In the final few minutes of the first period the Canucks were buzzing big time.  First, they hit the post and then a few seconds later they had a wide open net to shoot at after a puck came off the back boards.  Ozzie dove and got the puck out of mid air.  It was a great desperation save.  Ideally however that type of save should not be necessary.  Luckily he was able to pull it off to keep the good guys up by one.

Early in the second period the Canucks scored to tie the game.   The puck was poke checked away from Hudler to Pyatt.  He shot the puck and beat Osgood before he could get set.

After that early goal there was no more scoring in the second period.  The Red Wings had a few power play chances but didn’t capitalize.

With about five minutes to go in the third period and the score still tied, Detroit went on the power play.  They moved the puck well and it came back to Datsyuk.  He held it patiently and then shot the puck between the legs of the defender and into the net.  It was a great pinpoint shot.

Then a few seconds later the Canucks were pressing hard.  They shot from the point and Daniel Sedin redirected it in front of the net.  There was no chance for Ozzy to stop it.  That tied the game again with just a few minutes left.

The tied score held until the end of regulation.  Once again the Canucks and the Wings would need more than 60 minutes to determine a winner.

During the overtime Franzen got tangled up with his man and was called for interference.  The Canucks had all sorts of room in the four on three power play.  They moved the puck at will and eventually Salo took a shot and scored the overtime game winner.

This 3-2 overtime loss brings us to:
32 points

Detroit at Calgary (11/22/08)

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

The Red Wings were in Calgary tonight to play the Flames.  Conklin was the goalie for the Wings and Kiprusoff got the start for the Flames.  Holmstrom was out again with back spasms.  Meech was playing forward to take his place.

I missed the first four and a half minutes of the game because the previous game went to a shootout and the NHL Network stayed with that one until it ended.  They switched to the Red Wings just as Maltby drove the net and scored to give the Wings the early lead.  Good timing there!  The goal was set up by a nice feed from Lilja.

There was a lot of action but no more scoring in the first period.  Detroit was playing pretty well.  The Flames got few scoring chances and when they did Conklin was there to make the save.

About halfway through the second period Lebda skated the puck into the zone and let go a quick wrister from above the top of the of the circle.  It was a great shot that I think surprised Kiprusoff.  That was Lebda’s first goal of the season.

A few seconds later the Flames answered with a goal of their own.  Glencross brought the puck out from behind Detroit’s net and Conklin was kind of hunched over.  Glencross put the puck up and over Conklin’s shoulder into the net.

There was some great end to end action through the rest of the second period but no more scoring.  There were lots of big saves especially by Kiprusoff.  Conklin had his share as well but since the Flames had fewer chances he didn’t have as much work.

In the third period the Flames had a power play in which they controlled the puck almost the entire time but never got a single shot on goal.  A few minutes later they got another power play and Giordano scored to tie it up at two.  Calgary had all sorts of momentum after that goal.  They continued pressuring hard.

A couple of minutes later Zetterberg was tripped in the offensive zone.  The Red Wings had control so there was a delayed whistle.  Hudler was the extra man who came off the bench in place of Conklin.  Just as he was streaking into the zone to join the play Zetterberg passed it to him.  He released a bomb of a slapshot that beat Kiprusoff.  It was a great shot and a very opportunistic play by the Wings.

As the third period wound down the Flames were pressuring big time.  Datsyuk got the puck and skated into the zone with no other Wings and two Flames covering him.  He made a great move to beat his defenders and released a shot that slipped past Kiprusoff into the net.  That gave Detroit their two goal lead back.

Calgary pulled their goalie at the end and Hossa scored an empty net goal.

This was a good solid road game.  The only negative was that the Flames seemed to have the puck a lot more than I’d like to see.  It was a good battle though and a great win for the Red Wings especially when dealing some key injuries.

This 5-2 win brings us to:
31 points

Detroit at Edmonton (11/20/08)

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

For tonight’s game the Red Wings faced the Oilers in Edmonton.  Osgood started in net for the Wings and Roloson played again for the Oilers.  Kronwall was out with a “lower body” injury.  Meech was available to play for him.  Holmstrom was a last minute scratch due to back spasms and had no replacement so the Wings played a man short in his absence.  Cleary was out as well still dealing with his scratched cornea.

Also, Larry Murphy was not availble in the broadcast booth because his daughter had been in a car accident the day before and he wanted to stay with her during surgery.  She’s expected to make a full recovery.  We wish her all the best.  Craig Simpson sat in for Larry in the booth.

The Red Wings started the first period with excellent intensity.  They pressured non-stop and it resulted in an early goal.  Lilja shot from the point and the rebound came to Hudler who put it in the net on the very first shot on goal.

Before the halfway point of the first period Detroit struck again.  They scored a power play goal when Datsyuk released a shot with Kopecky in front of the net taking Holmstrom’s spot.  Kopecky blocked Roloson’s view of the shot and was awarded the goal at the time but it was later changed to Datsyuk.  Either way it gave the Wings an early two goal lead.

Just a few minutes later Detroit went on the power play again.  Six second into it Detroit scored.  Again it was Kopecky in front of the net.  This time there was no question that he deflected the shot which was released by Lidstrom.

That marked the end of the game for Roloson.  He was replaced by Mathieu Garon.

During the first period Osgood made some good saves to keep the Oilers down.  However, Ozzie’s performance was out shined by the save that Draper made.  He knocked a puck out of mid air just before it would have crossed the goal line.  Souray shot it and it Ozzie got a piece of it but it got past him.  Draper there to make the save in what will probably be a highlight defensive play.

Near the end of the first period there was a mini fight between Lilja and Souray.  There were no punches landed and it wasn’t very excited but I guess it’s the thought that counts.

Somehow the Oilers ended up out shooting the Wings in the first period even though they were totally dominated.  A three goal lead still makes for an exciting game especially considering how the Red Wings have been blowing leads this season.  It’s certainly no guarantee.

The second period moved along mostly uneventfully.  Towards the end of the period the Oilers scored power play goal.  This was a power play created by the second penalty of the night to Nick Lidstrom who had previously been unpenalized so far this season.

The Oilers’ comeback didn’t last long as the Red Wings soon scored another power play goal.  This was another case of a shot hitting the back boards and coming right to Hudler in front of the net.  He made no mistake poking it in around the goaltender to bring the Wings back to a three goal lead.

A little bit past the halfway point of the third period the Oilers score again.  There was a sequence with several shots where Ozzie was making good saves.  Eventually it popped back to an Oiler who shot it in before Osgood could get set up to make the save.

Just a few seconds later Filppula got a 4 minute penalty for high sticking.  On the power play Souray released a bomb from the top of the circle that beat Osgood and brought the Oilers back to within one goal.  Remember what I said about the Wings blowing leads?

The Oilers scrambled for the puck and pressured the Wings continuously for the rest of the power play.  The Wings killed it off but the Oilers kept up the pressure at 5 on 5.  Osgood made some huge saves during that sequence to prevent the Oilers from tying the game.

With about a minute left Edmonton pulled their goalie.  The extra man didn’t help them score and Detroit wasn’t able to put it in the empty net so that was the end of this one.

The Red Wings looked great for part of the game.  They also displayed what is becoming a trademark breakdown.  I guess having a big lead early makes it tough to keep up the intensity level.  As problems go, that’s not a bad one to have.  It’s entirely mental.  It gets frustrating though to see teams coming back time after time when they should have been done.  Luckily, Osgood did a great job weathering the storm to hold on for the win.

This 4-3 win brings us to:
29 points

Cleary Out For Another Week

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The Detroit News is reporting that Dan Cleary is still a week away from playing.  He’s recovering from a second scratch on his cornea.  The eye swollen so badly that it hurts just to open it and he can’t see out of it.  That’s made it impossible for him to do any skating.  The second scratch was most likely caused by rubbing the eye after getting the first scratch.  

I’ve had a scratched cornea before and it can just about drive you crazy.  It feels like there’s something big in your eye and if you don’t realize what’s going on the impulse is rub it.  Unfortunately that just makes things worse.  

Let’s hope that Dan Cleary can make a full recovery and return to the lineup soon.

Edmonton at Detroit (11/17/08)

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Tonight the Edmonton Oilers came to town to play the Red Wings.  Roloson was the starting goaltender for the Oilers and Conklin was in for the Wings.  Cleary was still out with what they’re calling an eye infection.  I hope that’s all it is but it doesn’t seem like an infection should be taking this long to clear up (no pun intended).  Let’s hope he gets well soon!

Early in the game McCarty fought with Stortini.  It was a pretty good fight that was clearly won by McCarty.

Detroit scored a power play goal during a 5 on 3.  Hudler passed to Zetterberg down low.  Zetterberg passed to Kronwall in the slot and Kronwall beat Roloson for the goal.  The scoring chance was actually set up by Conlin who made a nice outlet pass catching the Oilers in a sloppy change.

Late in the period Detroit killed off a 5 on 3 and then got another power play of their own.  It looked like Lidstrom had scored but the puck went from one post to the other and then dropped on the goal line and never crossed.  That’s about as close as you can get without scoring.

Holmstrom was called for a very iffy hooking penalty with 3 seconds left in the period so the Red Wings started the second period on the penalty kill.  Detroit killed that penalty and a couple of minutes later Samuelsson got a goal on a really nice pass from Lebda.  He put it right on Samuelsson’s stick in front of the net even though there were three Oilers in the same area.  

Detroit scored another goal in the second.  Filppula made a cross ice pass to Hudler.  Hudler tried to pass it to the Kopecky for the tip in but it deflected off of an Oiler player and into the net.  

In the third period Franzen did it again.  He held the puck and patiently waited for Roloson to make a move.  As Franzen neared the goal line he shot from a bad angle and put it over Roloson into the net.  What a monster he is; he just gets better and better.

From that point on the Red Wings just shut the game down.  They continued to dominate.  The Oilers weren’t able to do anything offensively.  The Wings got the win and Conklin got the shut out.  The two teams will meet again on Thursday so we’ll see if the Oilers have some more jump then.  They’ll probably have something to prove after this performance.

This 4-0 win brings us to:
27 points

Detroit at Florida (11/14/08)

Friday, November 14th, 2008

After playing Tampa Bay just the previous night, Detroit faced the Florida Panthers to try to sweep the state.  Ty Conklin started the game for the Red Wings and Craig Anderson was the goalie for the Panthers.  In a side note, after the Lightning’s loss to Detroit yesterday, head coach Barry Melrose was fired.  Assistant coach Rick Tocchet took over head coaching duties for the Lightning.  I think Barry wasn’t given enough of a chance.  Considering he had so many new players, new coaches, and a new front office, it seems to me like they should have given him at least until the end of the year.  Even though the Lightning weren’t winning too many games yet, I thought they were improving and I was expecting them to keep getting better and possibly make the playoffs.  But enough about the Lightning.

For most of the first period there was a lot of back and forth action but no scoring.  Then Marian Hossa shot the puck from the corner.  I’m not kidding he was all the way in the corner, well passed the goal line.  He shot the puck towards the net and it went in off of Anderson.  There was a short review and then the goal was officially awarded to put the Red Wings up one to nothing.

Early on in the second period Detroit scored again.  Lidstrom passed to Hossa and he shot the puck.  It looked like it was redirected off of one of the Panthers.  After that goal the Panthers made a goalie change pulling Anderson and putting in Vokun.

Florida got a goal a little while later.  They had three or four shots at it and finally Zednick roofed it.

Then, about halfway through the period, Zednick stole the puck from Rafalski and gave it to Weiss who scored.  There was some traffic in front of the net and Conklin thought he was interfered with, but the referees disagreed.  That made it a tie game.

Florida continued to jump on Detroit through the rest of the second period.  They actually passed the Red Wings in the shots on goal category which tells you that Detroit was breaking down again defensively.  They were lucky to not be trailing after two.  I’m guessing they got another verbal lashing from Babcock.

The Wings looks more focused in the third.  Datsyuk was doing his thing with the puck and drew a penalty.  On the power play Kronwall released a bomb from the blue line and Franzen redirected it right in front of the net.  Vokun never had a chance to see it let alone stop it.  Franzen’s tip was incredible.  It took some slow motion analysis by Mickey Redmond to even see it.  Franzen tipped it down low and it went up into the top of the net.

Through the rest of the game both teams played with a lot of energy.  Florida tried hard for the tying goal and Conklin made some great saves.  Detroit had a lot of chances as well and pretty much dominated the rest of the game.  Florida was finally able to pull the goalie with about 30 seconds left but they didn’t get much of a chance to do anything.  They got it into Detroit’s zone once and the Wings cleared it and kept it out.  So that was the game, the Red Wings won three to two.

It seems like the Red Wings are playing better lately defensively but they still have a few sequences in each game where they kind of lose focus.  Detroit has to be the only team in the league that can slump defensively and still keep winning.  It seems like they’re always blowing leads and letting teams back into games when they should have been out of it.  But somehow they’re still doing well.  They’re lucky that the power play is cranking right now.  If it weren’t for the power play and Hossa’s scoring, I think we’d probably be closer to the bottom.  I think the Red Wings are playing as well as they have to and no more.  There’s nothing really wrong with that as long as they don’t getting into the habit of coasting.  If you’re playing just well enough to get into the playoffs it’s hard to crank it up at that ponit.  You want to hit the playoffs rolling full speed.  But the playoffs are a long ways off.  I’m sure there will be many ups and downs before the end of the regular season.

This 3-2 win brings us to:
25 points

Detroit at Tampa Bay (11/13/08)

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Tonight the Red Wings were in town to play my local team the Tampa Bay Lightning.  No, I didn’t go to the game.  It’s too expensive, and I procrastinated too long, and also I hate to root against the Lightning in their own building because I do like them, too….but not today!

Osgood started for the Red Wings and Kolzig was in for the Lightning.

The game started out with a lot of energy.  Kronwall was gunning for people and nailed Prospal early on.  There were a lot of chances both ways but the Lightning were the first to capitalize.  They scored just after the expiration of a power play.  Mark Recchi got the goal.  He made a couple of dekes with his shoulder and then released a shot that hit the far post and went in.

A couple of minutes later the Lightning scored a power play goal.  They moved the puck very well.  They made a cross ice pass to Jokinen and he hit the net before Osgood had a chance to get over.

Early in the second, Detroit got on the board.  Lidstrom ripped a shot and Datsyuk tipped it in for the goal.  There was nothing Kolzig could do about that one.

In the second period there was lots of excitement and good battles but no more goals.  At the end of the second period the Lightning got called for three penalties in a row.  That meant that the Red Wings would start the third period with a long 5 on 3 and when that finished another 5 on 3 would start.

The Red Wings scored a gritty goal just after the end of the first 5 on 3.  Franzen kept banging away at it at the side of the net and Zetterberg came along and smacked it in.  That ended the second penalty so the Red Wings went to a one man advantage.  On that power play the Red Wings scored again.  Samuelsson shot the puck and it was deflected off a Lightning player.  That put Detroit up by one goal.

A few minutes later Detroit got another goal when Franzen scored his trademark goal.  Zetterberg got the puck and passed it to Franzen through the top of the crease.  When Franzen got the puck Kolzig was still moving across so he had a nearly empty net to shoot at.  Franzen made no mistake and gave the Red Wings a two goal lead.

After making a save with Holmstrom in his kitchen, Kolzig threw a little temper tantrum.  He slammed his stick on the ice and it looked like he broke the stick over his knee, but that was out of frame so I’m just going by body language.  The announcers sure did talk a lot about Holmstrom’s play.  They seem surprised that Holmstrom was there trying to ensure a goal.  Their complaining about it got a bit tiresome.  Holmstrom has every right to be there as long he doesn’t interfere with the goalie’s ability to make a play.  He doesn’t have to allow the goalie to see the puck and he doesn’t have to give him any elbow room.  Get over it!

Later in the third the Red Wings failed to clear their zone when Stuart sent it back into a congested area.  The Lightning took it back to the net and the puck ended up on the goal line.  The net was dislodged as the puck crossed the line and it also looked like it might have been kicked.  After a lengthy review they called it a good goal.  The Lightning were back within one.

The Lightning pulled their goalie with a minute and a half left to try for the equalizer but they were not able to tie it up.

The Wings did better defensively this game.  The Lightning shot total was pretty low.  

This 4-3 win brings us to:
23 points