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Western Conference Quarterfinals, Game 1 (4/10/08)

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Well, the playoffs are finally here and for the Red Wings it was a great start.  Detroit pretty much dominated the whole game.  Nashville made their physical presence felt but it wasn’t enough to knock the Red Wings off of their game.  The Red Wings had all kinds of scoring chances and bounces in front of the net that didn’t go in, and Nashville got lucky with one that did.

The first goal of the game was Franzen’s.  The puck was bouncing all around the offensive zone and the Wings kept up the pressure.  It finally came to Franzen and he put it in.

Tootoo scored for the Preds with a shot that was deflected and went in between Dom’s legs.

For the Red Wings second goal Zetterberg created a turnover and got the puck to Datsyuk who immediately put it back across the ice to Zetterberg.  He one-timed it like a laser beam.  Ellis never had a chance.

The Wings third goal was an empty netter scored by Zetterberg.

It was a great performance by the Wings.  Let’s hope it’s the first of many!

This 3-1 win brings this Western Conference Quarterfinal series to 1-0 Red Wings.

Regular Season Recap (07-08)

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Well, the regular season is now over and, for the most part, meaningless.  It gives the Red Wings home ice advantage for as long as they go in the playoffs but other than that it doesn’t mean a thing.  So this post will state the regular season record for the final time.

The Red Wings 07-08 regular season leaves us at 54-21-7, which is 115 points.  That’s number one in the league and one heck of a season.  More importantly, the Red Wings are now 0-0.  They need 16 more wins.  Let’s go Red Wings!

Hasek And Osgood Win The Jennings Award

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

The Red Wings clinched the Jennings Award this season for Hasek and Osgood.  The Jennings Award goes to the goalie(s) that have played at least 25 games for the team with the lowest number of goals against.  It’s a great accomplishment that shows the superiority of the Red Wings team defense as well as their goaltending.  Congratulations, Red Wings!

Both Hasek and Osgood have won the award before.  Hasek won it twice with the Sabres and Ozzie won it with the Red Wings in 95-96.

Chicago at Detroit (4/6/08)

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

The Red Wings used a lot of their young players for this game. It was a chance for them to show Mike Babcock what they can do. They were basically competing for spots in the playoffs. We had a preseason lineup with a playoff atmosphere. It made for an interesting game.

In the first period the Red Wings had lots of scoring chances and several that I still don’t know how they didn’t go in. A few times the puck seemed to go everywhere in the world except over the goal line. McCarty got his first assist since his return when he made a great pass from the boards behind the net that found Hudler right in front for the goal.

At the other end, Hasek also had his share of circus-style saves. One that he snatched out the air just in front of the goal line and another that he popped up with his shoulder and it came down on top of the net just behind the crossbar.

Towards the end of the second period the Red Wings got a 5 on 3 power play. Cleary screened in front of the net and Lidstrom fired a one-timer bullet that found a hole for their second goal.

In the third period Mark Hartigan made a mistake at his own blue line by getting robbed of the puck before he got it out of the zone. It resulted in a great scoring chance for the Blackhawks and earned Hartigan the evil eye from Mike Babcock. Well, later in the period Hartigan made up for it by taking the puck away from a Chicago player and scoring unassisted. It was a great play by him and gave the Red Wings their third goal of the game.

Lidstrom scored the forth goal for the Red Wings on another power play. He took a shot from close to the blue line that was actually more of a pass. It bounced off the skate of a Chicago player right into the net.

Patrick Kane scored for the Blackhawks with around 2 minutes to go to rob Hasek of the shutout.

The Red Wings looked pretty good and ready for the playoffs. It seems like a long wait until Thursday when the playoffs will most likely start. Let’s go Red Wings!

This 4-1 win brings us to:
115 points

Kopecky Done For The Year

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

As I feared, Kopecky’s injury was indeed very serious.  He has a torn left knee and will miss 4 to 6 months.  That is a big hit for the Red Wings entering the playoffs.  We will really miss his size and toughness.  Hopefully, he’ll be recovered and ready to go for next season.

Red Wings To Play Nashville In First Round

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

The Red Wings first round matchup has been determined and it’s Nashville. This is good from a travel standpoint but it’s going to be a battle.  We’re going to have to find a way to beat Dan Ellis who’s been on a real hot streak lately for the Predators.  It’s going to be interesting.  I expect there will be more than one game that requires overtime.  The playoffs are scheduled to start Thursday night.  Here we go!

Red Wings Clinch The President’s Cup

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Tonight’s game locked up home ice advantage for the Red Wings as they clinched the President’s Cup.  This is the 6th time in team history that they’ve won the award for best regular season record.  Teams that win the President’s Cup don’t go on to win the Stanley Cup very often.  The last to do so was the Red Wings in 2002.  Hopefully, they can do it again this year….Go Wings!

Columbus at Detroit (4/3/08)

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

The Red Wings had something to prove in this game after the beating they suffered the night before at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks. They entered this game still needing only one point to clinch the Presiden’ts Cup.  They started the game playing pretty well.  They had a lot of good chances, hit the crossbar a few times and were the victim of some great saves on several occassions.

Columbus broke the scoreless tie in the second period with a power play goal.  Hasek didn’t have much of a chance to stop it because Datsyuk happened to to cross in front of him just at the wrong time and screened him.

The Red Wings answered with a goal by Mark Hartigan.

In the third period Columbus scored with a rifle of a shot that just blasted right through Hasek.

Then wth only 3:27 left Franzen scored a power play goal to tie it up.  The Blue Jackets were shorthanded for a delay of game penalty after Peca shot the puck out of play from his own end.  I don’t think it was intentional so it’s kind of a bummer for him, but that’s the way it goes.  Franzen’s game tieing goal clinched the President’s Cup.  To put the icing on the cake Zetterberg scored with 11 seconds left to win the game.  It was a really bad break for Pascal Leclaire after playing a great game.  He came out to play the puck but it went into the corner so he couldn’t touch it.  As he was moving back to the net Zetterberg shot it from the boards and bounced it into the net off Leclaire’s leg.  That was great thinking by Z.

Other items of note include Justin Abdelkader making his first NHL appearance.  You might remember him from MSU last year.  He played as an amateur tryout in this game and they hope to have him signed to a three year deal by this Saturday.  He had a good game with several big hits and some good scoring chances.

Kopecky left the game after being hit awkwardly in the left knee.  I don’t want to be negative but when I saw the replay and the way he limped I immediately thought ACL.  Let’s hope not.  I’ll post an update when I find out more.

Maltby was hurt in the game against Chicago and is expected to miss 10 days.  The rest of the injured guys should be back in time for the playoffs.  Holmstrom said that he was given an injection for pain directly into his groin.  OUCH!

This 3-2 win brings us to:
113 points

Detroit at Chicago (4/2/08)

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

This game was chippy right from the start.  Chelios crosschecked Patrick Kane about 7 times in a row before they finally called a penalty on him.   The ensuing power play resulted in a goal for the Blackhawks.  Things went downhill from there.  After only about 8 mintues the Blackhawks had 3 goals on 6 shots and the Red Wings had 0 shots.  Hasek was pulled and Osgood came in.

The Blackhawks were playing for their lives.  The need to win out and get some help from Nashville and Vancouver, but technically they’re not out of the playoffs yet.  They tend to play very well against the Red Wings anyway and this desperation only made them more dangerous.  The Wings also had something to play for since they needed to get at least 1 point to clinch the President’s Cup and home ice advantiage throughout the playoffs.

The Red Wings got into the game when Zetterberg scored on the power play with a big time laser beam shot.

Early in the second the Blackhawks got another power play goal making it 4 to 1.  Then Maltby answered by stealing the puck in the neutral zone, taking a shot and then scoring on his own rebound.  The celebration didn’t last long as Patrick Kane scored for the Blackhawks making it 2 to 5.  The game was officially out of control at that point.

Half way through the second period Downey had a pretty good fight with James Wizniewski.  There was another almost-fight about halfway through the third but nothing much happened. 

The Blackhawks ended up getting another goal.  I was trying not to look by that point.  It was pretty clear all along that the Blackhawks came to win this game.  I gotta hand it to the Hawks, they’re a great team, they’ve had Detroit’s number all year.  I think in the years to come this team is going to be one of the strongest in the West.  They’ve made incredible progress from last year.  The Blackhawks owner announced today that not only would all their games be televised next year, but they will all be in HD!  That’s a huge upgrade from previous years when they weren’t even televised in Chicago.  It’s great for the team, the city and great for the league to see an original six team come back from the dead. 

This 2-6 loss brings us to:
111 points

No President’s Cup Yet For The Red Wings

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

The Red Wings aren’t getting any help from San Jose in their attempt to claim this year’s President’s Cup.  San Jose continues their incredible hot streak. They haven’t lost in regulation since February 20th!  I hope this run is wearing them out but somehow I doubt it.  I expect they’re going to ride this winning streak a long ways.

If The Sharks win the rest of their games they’ll end up with 112 points.  Detroit currently has 111 and the tie breaker.  The Red Wings need at least one point in any of their next three games to win the President’s Cup.  Hopefully, they’ll put this to bed in the game tonight.